EBC Greenstuff Formulation



An excellent solution for 4×4 use, this heavy duty EBC Greenstuff formulation has slightly lower friction than its 2000 series counterpart (average friction coefficient 0.45mm) but has the benefit of longer life and better resistance to off road conditions of dust and sand etc. It has an extremely low rotor wear factor and medium-to-good lifetime.

EBC Brakes Offers an Easy Solution for Brake Vibration



All motor vehicle brakes can suffer this at some time in their life and brake vibration can occur for a number of reasons. Some cars have rotors machined to match the car on production lines and any replacement rotor will not run true unless machined once again on that car.

Then there are vehicles which suffer rotor vibration or steering wheel shakes after the car has been curbed, often people find this vibration so difficult to cure they actually sell the car. Again the only way to cure this is to have the rotors turned on the car.

When fitting new rotors it is essential to be meticulous in cleaning the stub axles or rotor hubs from all dirt and rust or scale to make sure the rotor sits perfectly flush with the hub and equally important to check the runout of the rotor after install to make sure it is running true and that disc thickness variation which is the main cause of steering wheel shakes, does not occur at the industry standard 3000-4000 mile point which it always does.

To determine if the brake vibration is from the front or rear of the car there is an easy check. If you experience steering wheel shakes it is obviously the front rotors  are the issue. If the brake vibration can be felt through the brake pedal or the seat/bodywork of the vehicle then it is a rear brake rotor issue.  You only need to solve the problem on the rotors that are causing brake vibration and NOT the other brakes on the vehicle or you could be back to square one with bed in times etc.

There are also other reasons for steering wheel shakes.

There is what is known as a SNUB BRAKE EFFECT which happens when brakes are applied sharply on a system equipped with a tall profile pad such as many European cars. These taller profile pads obviously see different rubbing speeds at the outer edge of the brake rotor compared to the inside and this exhibits itself as a steering wheel shake at speed. As the car slows down from such as 80-100 mph to 60 as traffic slows for example the shake starts but gradually stops as the speed decreases. Inspection would show no rotor runout or distortion at cold. This can only be solved by using a pad with a high thermal transfer coefficient such as EBC Brakes Redstuff or EBC Brakes Yellowstuff, cheap pads often have very low thermal capabilities and EBC Brakes are extremely good at adding conductor elements and removing insulator elements that improve this condition.

EBC Yellowstuff in Rally America



EBC Brakes have helped Chris Greenhouse win the RallyAmerica Central Region Group 2 championship for the last four consecutive years.

That has meant thousands of miles traveled to and from events all over the United States. Chris uses his 2000 Chevrolet Express Van to tow his race car to and from events and recently upgraded to EBC Yellowstuff brakes.

“My crew and I all end up taking turns driving the van when going to events. We all immediately noticed the difference between the EBC Yellowstuff Truck and SUV brake pads and regular store-bought pads. The pads have much more initial bite than regular pads and they have exhibited no fade even when towing the race car and trailer. EBC Brakes claim “Towing brings extra loads and that mushy feel of many stock or low friction aftermarket pads does not inspire confidence. EBC Yellowstuff gives you as much bite as you can get from a stock system and in most cases will give a noticeable brake improvement under loads of towing.” The crew have all stated that the new brakes give them much more confidence while towing.”

Chris has already been working hard getting ready for next year and he will be back in action again at Sno*Drift Rally in Atlanta, Michigan, USA in late January 2012. Sno*Drift will be the first event of the 2012 RallyAmerica National Championship series.

I would like to thank everyone who has assisted me in winning four straight regional championships and we look forward to standing atop the podium again in 2012. And my crew is especially grateful for the EBC Yellowstuff brakes that help to keep our rig safe en-route to rally events all over the USA. Special thanks also go out to John Romero at EBC Brakes USA for keeping me well-equipped for the 2012 Rally season.



EBC Brakes Green Stuff Review from Scott Temple


EBC Brakes genuine parts at best prices.

EBC Brakes sponsored Scott Temple uses EBC Brakes EBC Green Stuff.


“We’ve had a good year so far. We’ve had double headers at Snetterton and Brands Hatch. We’ve been surviving on James Nash’s tires from the Walter Hayes all year so far so obviously grip has been an issue! However we were quick at Snetterton missed out by a few hundredths on pole to Pearson for race one and was pushing him in the race before the gear linkage snapped! Race two he seemed to find some extra pace in qualifying so I was a bit further off him but still second on the grid. For Race two it rained and we’ve got three year old wets so there wasn’t any point in even trying to hold onto Pearson! I got a gap on everyone else and backed off to bring it home in second safely.”


EBC Brakes Greenstuff brake pads are for spirited street driving, the high friction Kevlar based brake pad compound designed to improve stopping power on sport sedans and prestige cars.
EBC Brakes Greenstuff range emits less dust than equivalent semi metallic pads and has been proven in tests to stop a vehicle 20 feet sooner than using stock brake pads.Greenstuff brake pads are fully shimmed chamfered and slotted for silent braking and feature the EBC Brakes Brake-in surface coating to accelerate pad bed in after install.


“At Brands Hatch I tried out a new line at Druids suggested to me by Mr Nash and managed to go alot quicker than I have ever been round there before. I qualified second for race one and got hit into the first corner and lost places. The race was then stopped and so I managed to get put back in second for the re-start. I couldn’t hold onto Pearson in the race. Over one lap occasionally I could equal his pace but I want able to do it consistently like he was so he edged away but had both pulled miles away from everyone else so I got second again. Race two I qualified second and got the gap to Pearson down to 3 tenths. In the race we were hopeful and I was hanging onto him a bit better but struggling to keep consistent with seriously old tires! His engine blew after 5 or 6 laps and we had both already got a nice gap so I just had to managed the gap to the end and took the win.”





Blue Stuff by EBC Brakes in BPM Racing

BPM Racing return to Renault with their new Megane Trophy

Northampton based endurance racers BPM have made a firm return to their motorsport roots with the purchase of a Renault Megane V6 Trophy. The move sees the team returning to the French marque after they began their racing career with Renault’s Clio Cup. Fitted with EBC Blue Stuff NDX brake pads Owen and Ashley have been racing the Renault at Silverstone recently with pleasing results!

BPM imported the stunning V6 Trophy in July and have been steadily preparing the car ready for an assault on the Britcar British Endurance Championship in 2013.

Factory built by Renault, the 3.5 liter silhouette is certainly a head turner and the team hope its performance matches its looks. Early testing has shown great potential and the car is proving to be a solid performer, with no faults shown in over 1500km of running.

“We’re really happy with the baseline reliability of the car”, beamed chief mechanic Chris Copeman. “A good base to work from is essential for us, it allows us the time to look at details, and details win championships”.

The team are pleased with how the development program has gone and have gone decidedly British when it comes to stopping power. EBC Brakes have been market leaders in braking technology for many years and team driver Owen Thomas was keen to get them on board. “I spoke to the technical team at EBC as soon as we got the car. We looked at a lot of data, ran through some options and decided to test the EBC Blue Stuff race pads. We couldn’t be happier with the results, we have a great combination of power and feel and the longevity has been excellent too.