Apollo Balanced Brake Kits


EBC’s new Balanced Brake Kits™ represent the ultimate upgrade in braking performance, offering significant reductions in stopping distances whether used on road or on track.
Every kit is supplied with all the hardware you need to completely replace all equivalent components of your vehicles stock braking system, giving a firmer and more responsive brake pedal and allowing you to drive harder for longer without the onset of brake fade.
Yet unlike all other front ‘big brake kits’ on the market which solely supply the parts for one axle. Every EBC Balanced Brake Kit™ is a full vehicle upgrade and is supplied complete with matching friction rear pads to fit the original caliper and braided brake lines for the front + rear, ensuring a totally balanced brake upgrade that delivers maximum braking performance.

EBC Toyota Brakes




Alberto Dorsch and his team were racing recently in the second round of the T2 Spanish Championship with EBC Truck Yellowstuff Sport brake pads and GD Sport Rotors that were vital to help the team win the Baja Almonzora round.


Cuevas del Almanzora was the scene of the second round of the T2 Spanish Championship and the Toyota Motor Kobe team had great hopes of a successful race for several reasons; it is an area specially remembered and in previous events our team was there for ten of the eleven events celebrated, being the ones who have more “Bajas Almanzorla” wins and the ones who are favored to win the championship. Also because of the high friction EBC Toyota brake set-up designed to cope with the rocky, dusty mountainous conditions.


The race took place all day Saturday and included two prologue stages with a 135km section and finally a 67km loop. Alberto and Marcos were in charge of tuning up the Land Cruiser and preparing it to the best possible standards to perform in the T2.


During the first round of the prologue the Toyota was involved in a minor incident when they had a collision exiting out of a road.


In the second round the team managed to improve their results by one minute which ended in a much more desirable starting position.


The pace was good in the 135km section, even though the team’s speed was lower, the Toyota performed perfectly proving that the mechanical changes made by Marcos were remarkable.


The next stage began in a grid format with vehicle setting off every 30 seconds. The Toyota had some traction issues and had to dodge out of the way of other oncoming vehicles and the team also helped several vehicles in distress despite their fuel running low. The team managed to finish in a respectable 10th position.


During the night time break, the ARC-Miracar team worked to get everything in perfect order for the next day’s racing of the final 135km stretch that they had raced the day before. The objective was to finish without incident so the speed was kept slightly lowered. As a consequence the team became overall winners of this round of the T2 Championship.

Brake Dust

What causes brake dust?

Brake Dust what is it and what causes it? EBC article image


Brake Dust on On Cars and trucks

The unsightly brake dust that we all see on automotive wheels is caused by abrasion of the cast iron brake rotor by the pad and secondly fibers from the semi metallic elements of the brake pad. The remainder of the dust residue is carbon content within the brake pad. 99% of automotive brake pads made these days are made as a semi metallic, meaning a bundle of steel fibers compressed and fused together with other additives. The steel fiber content can be up to 30% of the pad and this abrasive material is what scratches your brake rotor and causes the dust.

Non metallic pads such as those made with Twaron or kevlar fiber are only available as an upgrade in the aftermarket.  Very few manufacturers opt to use these more expensive materials simply for build cost purposes. These pads are known an organics and often outperform and outlast their semi metallic counterparts as well as reducing rotor abrasion and dust caused in the braking action.

EBC brakes is a world leader in clean running organic pad technology for cars and light trucks with its radical new Redstuff premium sport brake pads or the popular Greenstuff 7000 series pads for trucks and SUV and more details on the full range can be found below.


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EBC manufacture a range of brakes for hot rods including New 2013 Orangestuff full race brake pads, Bluestuff Intermediate grade Track day pads, Truck Yellowstuff Sport brake pads, Redstuff Brake Pads, Greenstuff Brake Pads. Best disc brakes suitable for hot rod cars include BSD Disc, USR Slotted Rotors and GD Sport Rotors.


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Orangestuff brake pads


New EBC Orangestuff Brake pads now have a longer wear life by up to 40-60% and a much more effective initial bite. Another advantage of these unique brake pads is that they offer better fade resistance on rotors even when the disc temperature are high and the discs glow red. Read more about Orangestuff brake pads!






EBC Bluestuff

Brake Pads are perfect for racing all sorts of cars and automotive sports in general as they are extremely high in friction and made from NDX forumla material that is specifically designed for aggressive driving conditions such as those found on hard surfaced race tracks. When twinned with specific quality aftermarket calipers Bluestuff brake pad NDX formula has the most efficient success rate. Read more about Bluestuff Brake Pads here!




Yellowstuff  brake pad

4000 “R” Series – Full Race Pad
EBC Yellowstuff brake pads are ultra high friction brake pads for race, track day and street use. Race drivers in particular love it because they are made from an aramid fibre compound. This is ideal for street and track driving as they don’t require a warm up but get even stronger under hard driving.






Redstuff Brake Pad is a harder compound takes longer to fully bed in to achieve the highest levels of performance during which time the odd brake noise may be heard when starting from cold in damp conditions at walking speed. One press of the pedal will clear the rotor of any dampness and this leaves EBC Redstuff a pad that inspires confidence in all car users. The motto is be patient to give the pads a full chance to bed down properly.






The latest version of Greenstuff Brake Pads is an intentionally softer brake compound designed to improve the pedal feel on lighter cars at low speeds. This results in a medium dust material with good lifetime and minimal rotor wear.


Read more about Greenstuff brake pads here!




EBC Ultimax Slotted Brake Rotors


EBC Ultimax Slotted Brake Rotors are manufactured using premium disc blanks. These rotors benefit from quiet running which is all down to the narrower multi-slot design and the progressive angle at which the slots are machined. This has benefit of removing dirt, gas, water and debris and having the advantage of parallel pad wear.


Read more about EBC Brakes Utlimax Slotted Brake Rotors here!





EBC GD series Brake Rotors


EBC GD Series brake disc rotors feature wide aperture slots that draw cool air under the brake pad and rotor interface which help cool the temperature of the brake pad contact that can easily and often shoot up to well over 1000 degrees. During heavy braking and can cause brake fade or loss of brake effect so the cool effective use of the slots helps prevent this.


BSD (Blade Sports Disc)


New Blade Sport Discs are 100% British made using a high silicone and high carbon cast iron alloy which has many features and benefits, the main one being that the content has a granular grain structure that is great at resisting thermal judder, heat distortion and cracking of the disc that can occur under heavy use.





EBC Brakes Brake Repair


Easy guide to safe brake repair in DVD format for the DIY enthusiast from world’s number one brand EBC Brakes. This comprehensive installation DVD is available in USA formats for motorcycle brake repair or Automotive brake repair and guides the home enthusiast through the choices and procedures for a basic brake repair.

Brakes are important and regular service is advised. You should inspect brakes every 5000 miles for basic pad wear and replace disc pads when there is 2 mm or one eighth of and inch of friction material remaining on the backing plate. Do not let brake pads wear down father than this or you may suffer brake fade and brake failure making your next brake repair costly.

If you need to replace worn pads  and damaged brake rotors then this is achievable by most mechanics as a DIY work but EBC Brakes strongly recommend you to buy this DVD and view this before starting your brake repair.

The Install DVD costs $15.36 and you can purchase it at www.shopebcbrakes.com.

Brake repair normally involved jacking up the car and remove wheels one at a time , remembering to safety chock the wheels and placing car jacks or a solid support under the car for safety and checking pad thickness in the brake caliper. Pads can be removed with basic tools and care should be taken to clean the caliper parts and slider and remove all rust dirt and debris. Replacement disc pads come in many shapes and sizes and the best way to find out what pads are correct for you car is to use a reliable vehicle look-up such as is found on this useful link www.shopebcbrakes.com .

Good brakes save lives so make good choices and buy the best pads and rotors you can afford, cheap brakes don’t last as long and may fail.



EBC Brakes Yellow Stuff 4000 Series

EBC Yellow Stuff is an aramid fiber based brake compound with high brake effect form cold and is possibly one of the first ever compounds that can be used for street and track driving These pads do not require warm up but do get even stronger under the heat of hard driving. These are not a low dust pad and if your desire is for a low dust premium street use pad, you should consider EBC Red stuff. EBC Yellow Stuff  currently produced in two compound versions – DM1846 and DM1793, both of which have been used with some success in racing. HOWEVER, for standard OEM brakes, as fitted to your car, there is no doubt that the DM1793 is getting better feedback, as it is slightly harder, slightly longer lasting and more appropriate for track day driving.

When considering EBC Brakes full race use, DM1793 has also been a strong favorite, having been used for two years in the Swedish Camaro Cup and at numerous other race events where a stock caliper system is fitted.

If using a high efficiency aftermarket race calipers with 4, 6 or 8 piston set ups, the sheer efficiency might allow the use of 1846 compound. DM1846 is currently the choice of the majority of GT3 drivers which are pretty serious competitors.

US Racer Ryan Romaine Running EBC Brakes and EBC Rotors With Great Success!



I have been doing a lot of work to the car, I did a full Chargespeed Type 1-A Body kit from Japan for the shows. I have also done a lot more suspension work to the car for the track such as steering stabilizers, frame bracing, Solid bushings, BF Goodrich R1 Track Tires. The car handles amazing now with just a bit more frame stiffening and track tires. I just recently just shot for Import Tuner Magazine so hopefully my feature article will be out in the next few months. I wanted to know if I would be able to get some more EBC Brakes from you. I Just recently wore out my Yellowstuff Brakes. The EBC Rotors seem to be holding up just fine for the type of heat and braking I am giving them. I wanted to see if I would be able to get a set of Bluestuff  Brake Pads to test out and a spare set of Yellowstuff Brakes.

The brakeswork fantastic and I would have no hesitation in recommending these having run half a season on one set of yellows. The Bluestuff Brakes sound fun and I look forward to running those and comparing to the yellows.


EBC Rotors



EBC Rotors come with wide aperture 3GD series for cooler running. On a global scale Most EBC rotors are made from British castings and 100% of these are precision machined in either the UK or the USA. EBC Brakes has 14 machining centers in these two countries to manufacture these precision parts. Slotted rotors are made from high quality grey iron to exacting standards and undergo extensive testing and rigorous quality control and are then precision machined to your chosen slot or dimple pattern.

The dimple drilled rotor was invented by EBC Brakes back in the 90′s and has been imitated by many because of its ability to offer pad degassing without “Through Drilling” disc or rotor holes which has been shown to promote rotor cracks.

The wide aperture slots on the EBC units actually draw cool air under the brake pad and rotor interface and help cool the temperatures of the pad contact which can shoot up to well over 1000 degrees at the very heart of the brake pad during heavy braking and can cause brake fade or loss of brake effect.

These “Full sweep” slots on the EBC Sport Brake rotor also help remove dirt dust debris and water from the braking area but without doubt the MAIN benefit of such sport rotors is their ability to maintain a flat and parallel pad surface throughout the lifetime of the brake pad set.



EBC Yellowstuff in Rally America



EBC Brakes have helped Chris Greenhouse win the RallyAmerica Central Region Group 2 championship for the last four consecutive years.

That has meant thousands of miles traveled to and from events all over the United States. Chris uses his 2000 Chevrolet Express Van to tow his race car to and from events and recently upgraded to EBC Yellowstuff brakes.

“My crew and I all end up taking turns driving the van when going to events. We all immediately noticed the difference between the EBC Yellowstuff Truck and SUV brake pads and regular store-bought pads. The pads have much more initial bite than regular pads and they have exhibited no fade even when towing the race car and trailer. EBC Brakes claim “Towing brings extra loads and that mushy feel of many stock or low friction aftermarket pads does not inspire confidence. EBC Yellowstuff gives you as much bite as you can get from a stock system and in most cases will give a noticeable brake improvement under loads of towing.” The crew have all stated that the new brakes give them much more confidence while towing.”

Chris has already been working hard getting ready for next year and he will be back in action again at Sno*Drift Rally in Atlanta, Michigan, USA in late January 2012. Sno*Drift will be the first event of the 2012 RallyAmerica National Championship series.

I would like to thank everyone who has assisted me in winning four straight regional championships and we look forward to standing atop the podium again in 2012. And my crew is especially grateful for the EBC Yellowstuff brakes that help to keep our rig safe en-route to rally events all over the USA. Special thanks also go out to John Romero at EBC Brakes USA for keeping me well-equipped for the 2012 Rally season.