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EBC Brakes Pads

EBC Brakes produces the largest range of EBC Pads and EBC Rotors in the world!

With over 5000 part numbers for every type of moving vehicle. EBC Brakes are made in one of its two specialist factories in the UK and USA. The majority of EBC brake discs or brake rotors are also made in the UK.

With modern trends towards cheap imported brake pads and brake rotors EBC Brakes leads the world in its technology, quality control, product performance and customer service.

Types of brake pads manufactured include sintered brakes, ceramic brake pads and carbon long life brake pads.

Latest Blog Entries

  • EBC Toyota Brakes

    398 days ago
          Alberto Dorsch and his team were racing recently in the second round of the T2 Spanish Championship with EBC Truck Yellowstuff Sport brake pads and GD Sport Rotors that were vital to help the team win the Baja Almonzora round.   Cuevas del Almanzora was the scene of the second round of [...]
  • Brake Dust

    931 days ago
    What causes brake dust?   Brake Dust on On Cars and trucks The unsightly brake dust that we all see on automotive wheels is caused by abrasion of the cast iron brake rotor by the pad and secondly fibers from the semi metallic elements of the brake pad. The remainder of the dust residue is [...]
  • Shop EBC Full Range of Pads and Rotors

    1155 days ago
    EBC manufacture a range of brakes for hot rods including New 2013 Orangestuff full race brake pads, Bluestuff Intermediate grade Track day pads, Truck Yellowstuff Sport brake pads, Redstuff Brake Pads, Greenstuff Brake Pads. Best disc brakes suitable for hot rod cars include BSD Disc, USR Slotted Rotors and GD Sport Rotors.   See more product [...]
  • Orange Stuff Brakes for Jeep and SUV

    1155 days ago
    Shop EBC Brakes new and excellent brakes for  SUV, Jeep  & truck, Extra Duty Orange Stuff Pads have been given a glowing review by ‘Off-Road’ magazine recently. Suitable for truck, Jeep, SUV or 4×4 Extra Duty brake pads are reasonable quick and easy to fit in professional hands in which the guys at Off-Road managed [...]
  • Reviews on EBC Brakes for Landrover

    1491 days ago
      Team Gigglepin have been busy racing in the wild forest of Croatia in their Landrover equipped with EBC Greenstuff 6000 Series Brake Pads. Team members Jim and Gary had been racing hard in extreme conditions at one point facing an arduous river crossing along with coping with muddy rough forest off road tracks through [...]
  • EBC Extra Duty Light Truck, Jeep and SUV Brake Pads

    1491 days ago
          Release date TBA Introducing EBC Brakes EXTRA DUTY Light truck, Orange Stuff Jeep and SUV brake pads are the solution . EBC Extra Duty light truck, Jeep and SUV brake pad offers  better stopping power and even longer life with Zero noise. The UK  factory of EBC Brakes is using ECO friendly [...]
  • Buy Brakes

    1603 days ago
      Want to buy brake components with great pricing and great quality. There is a great way to do this in the modern world by shopping online. Recent surveys have shown that the number of people shopping online has risen dramatically in the last few years as websites have become more user friendly and more [...]
  • EBC Redstuff Ceramic Brakes

    1603 days ago
      Do Ceramic brake pads really work and what do they do exactly ? That’s a question a lot of people have and the answer is in fact its just a buzz word for an organic brake pad made with less metallic fibers and perhaps man made fibers such as Dupont Kevlar or Twaron. A [...]
  • EBC Brakes Brake Repair

    1620 days ago
      Easy guide to safe brake repair in DVD format for the DIY enthusiast from world’s number one brand EBC Brakes. This comprehensive installation DVD is available in USA formats for motorcycle brake repair or Automotive brake repair and guides the home enthusiast through the choices and procedures for a basic brake repair. Brakes are [...]