EBC Brakes Racing RP-X Pads and Floating Discs Reviewed on BMW M4 Track Day Car

Sam Elliott tested the high-performance products on track with his 535bhp coupe

Track day regular, Sam Elliott, frequently enjoys piloting his modified Yas Marina Blue BMW M4 around his local race tracks. With 535bhp on tap (465bhp at the wheels), height adjustable springs and sticky tyres, the car has proved to be an extremely formidable tool, securing a 52.4-second lap at Brands Hatch’s Indy circuit, and 2:07.1 at Snetterton.

Sam recently upgraded his braking system with EBC Brakes Racing’s RP-X™ pads (front and rear) and two-piece fully floating discs (front only). The system was complemented with EBC’s BF 307+ brake fluid and bradied lines (all-round). His thoughts on these items can be viewed below in his own words.

“I’ve run at least 15 sets of race pads on this car with stock discs, as I do lots of track days. Running the stock discs meant the front pads would wear nearly twice as quickly as the rear pads. After fitting the front EBC two-piece discs (while running the stock BMW rear discs), I found the rear pads wore much quicker than the front.

“After seeing a huge improvement in pad life, durability and no vibration from the front EBC two-piece discs, I’ve now decided to fit the EBC two-piece discs to the rear as well. When it comes to replacing the discs, EBC sells the discs alone, with bobbins to fit the existing bells, at a very affordable price that will save costs compared to replacing the stock BMW discs.

“I also weighed the EBC discs to compare them to the stock items, but my scales weren’t sensitive enough to measure any difference. As the stock discs are drilled, this probably means EBC have saved some weight in the bells.

“I very highly recommend these products and there is absolutely no need to upgrade to a much more expensive big brake kit if you’re regularly tracking your M2/M3/M4.”

(Track image: Robert Baxter/Opentrack)